Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why Coaching?

Only once or twice in my life I met people who claimed that they do not need to be coached (the sad part of it is that, in fact, it means they NEED to be coached big time!). Everyone can and will benefit from coaching. No matter what you do, what your needs are or where you might be moving towards in your life and career. You want to make better 5-point shots? A coach will help you. Will you be able to be the next Michael Jordan? That depends on your current abilities, potential, determination and the effort you will put in, but no possibilities should be ruled out, as most often we are unaware of our own abilities.

Think about the Johari window. Exploring what you already know about yourself is the first step in the coaching process. Later, a talented coach will ensure that you explore all four quadrants and expand the arena to the extend possible.

Isn't knowing yourself a strong impetus in itself to engage in a coaching relationship. Thousands of years back people were already concerned about exploring their inner selves and launching on the journey of personal development. Ancient Greeks knew better than divination (today's Greeks should learn from their ancestors, by the way, not to find themselves in bad-smelling situations of national debt the size of Texas) - remember what was written on the portico of the Delphi temple?

If that is not enough, contemplate the ideas presented in this short clip about life coaching. I am sure everyone will be able to pick at least one reason why he or she should challenge themselves.

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