Friday, May 14, 2010

Avatar vs Schwarzenegger

How the Leopard Changed Its Spots : The Evolution of ComplexityLife is changing. It is neither circular nor linear. It is evolving. Nothing is ever the same. Even though you would say, we have seen it all, this time is it different, just like any time. From Darwin's Galapagos finches observations till the present day, it has been a dance rather than a football game: there has been no end goal; we have been merely exploring a space of possibilities.

How does all that link up with the blog title? And to our society. This is all biology, you would say, it has little to do with the modern world of technology, scientific progress and defying the powers of nature. The truth is that we as ever depend on the nature and should cling onto it with all might for our survival. The truth is that sheer violence towards nature does not pay off. The truth is that steroids and muscle (chemistry and physics) || Schwarzenegger || is not a sustainable strategy, while biology and the forces of nature || Avatar || is.

Think about it in terms of the shift from the technocratic paradigm of the 1920s (production is king, people are replaceable) to the post-modernistic frame of reference (all major technological inventions have been made, now we are simply enhancing what is already there, hence human capital is the only competitive advantage a company might have). So, in a way, all of us are Galapagos finches - we adapt and change all the time. Those, who refuse, are forced to the brink of extinction. So update your mental maps - world may not be the same as you used to know it.

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