Friday, May 28, 2010

Coaching: 5 Steps

In this short animated (very easy to follow) video you can observe all the basic steps of good coaching:

- engagement
- vision
- plan
- implementation
- success & disengagement

Simplistic as it may be, that it how the coaching process works. The metaphors actually work: it is a coach like in a sport (hence the baseball cap), there is a toolbox with all sorts of helpful techniques (for instance, coaches may use visualizations, affirmations, readings, experiments, surveys, etc), the allegorical safety net (so the coach should never allow the coachee to fail; it might erode the coaching relationship and undermine the self-esteem), and yes - often it is one step at a time.

One of the ideas that I have for the HR Club at IE is creating a coaching network. It is still at the conception stage, but I feel that something truly great and wonderful can come out of it. I will keep you posted. Whoever you are :)

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