Thursday, May 20, 2010

get MASHed

this is a quick note on creativity. it is everywhere, but dispersed. concentrations are disproportionate. how do we identify creative people, attract them and retain? can we treat them as regular (not-creative?) staff?

what these guys from down-under are doing is mind-blowing and classy:


  1. Your answer is within your question Sergey. Attract them and retain them in a creative manner! :)

    Your U.S.A. FAN!

  2. ha ha.. thank you. so it takes one to get one :)

  3. POOF! That is the trick Sergey...

    Creative people do not like to be put into a box, IE a cubical. They do not like to be confined to a 9 to 5 work schedule. Once the creative process starts, most creative people will apply their self with more hours than one could imagine!

    They tend to like modern or worldly style work environments, top notch work equipment, trendy foods (cater lunches???) and above all, they do not like to deal with administrate aspects to a business. So less paper work and reports would attract them!

    These one of kind creatures tend to lean towards constructive criticism and usually wants positive feed back when it is called for! Some creative creatures are team players, but usually more of an individual. One may want to avoid the individual creatures for the direct work force - this makes the work environment difficult for others and for the project!

    So run your want ads upside down for this creature and invite them to wall climb or jump out of plane for the interview!

    The well rounded and developed creatures want top dollars and world class treatment! So no penny pinching in the salary and no cheap work tools!

    Your U.S.A. Fan!

  4. Curtis - you are not only good with magic and stage performances - you should start your own creative recruitment agency!




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