Thursday, May 20, 2010

Corporate image and internal communications

This is an Amnesty International ad targeted at my former employer, Shell:
As an HR professional, obviously, you need to engage your employees to minimize the damages. External Communications or Corporate Affairs will take care of mitigating the potential risks with external stakeholders, but you need to be aware of the damage caused to your brand as an employer and brief your recruitment team (profusely!) on how to handle potential question from the candidates.

Sometimes, companies focus too much on fighting on the external front and ignore the impact such campaigns may have on the current employees. Irrespective of the fact if the company is right or wrong or whatever the situation might be, communication and engagement are of utmost importance. Remember that your task is not to convince your employees, but to present all sides of the story truthfully and show what is being done (or what will be done). Only then you will be able to win your workforce over and gain a stronger front of supporters in mitigating the damages. If that is not being done, you might end up fighting on all possible fronts - including your own employees.

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