Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Russian Sprouts

After watching
(particularly #4)

Sometimes I get amazed at Westerners who, having worked a while in Russia (at least long enough to be able to pronounce Советский Союз correctly), berate and thank Soviet Union at the same time answering the same question:

  • young managers in Russia are wiling to go an extra mile
  • you need to tell them exactly what to do
Well, yes, that is the legacy left by the old system, whether you like it or not. Long years of pioneerism, komsomol and the party have instilled a great pride into millions of Soviet people in their achievement. We were taught to reach the goal no matter what. As a famous saying goes, "Russians don't give up". At the same time, it is in the culture to respect authority and rather wait for instructions. In our country, it is not the squeaking wheel that gets the grease... it is the sticking nail that gets banged on the head...

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