Sunday, October 16, 2011

Swiss Tidbits

Today was a splendid day in Lausanne, Switzerland: the sun was shining, the sky was blue and all the kids were out at the citywide sports fest. I was roaming around, popping in small cafes for a bit of this and that and spending pleasurable moments on the shore of Lake Geneva. As ill luck would have it, being in roaming, my 3G was gone, so I could not share my Swiss observations in real time, hence I was jotting them down and posting now. 

Here we go:

  • There is something about a good bouillabaisse that makes my heart go boom-boom.
  • An old Romanian lady at the next table is trying to prove to a Swiss waiter that he cannot speak French. I find it adorable.
  • Observing two 90-year-old ladies at a restaurant fighting over who should pick up the bill. I wonder if there'll be casualties.
  • Swiss money is funny.
  • What was the rationale for the decision to keep the shops closed in Switzerland on Sundays: to decrease sales or to annoy the foreigners?
  • Switzerland is all about style and location.

  • Having a funeral agency right on the central city square (Place de l'Europe) is symbolic, isn't it?

  • Russians were here!

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