Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dare to Be Happy!

I am not a great believer in signs and omens, but today has been about happiness for me. Maybe it is selective attention to blame, but within a range of three hours I received three messages about happiness from three different sources (I also read an article about the number 3 as well today):
  1. An article in The Economist I Dream of Gini, where connections between wealth, inequality and happiness are under close scrutiny. People can be absolutely happy in countries where equality leaves much to be desired (e.g. Brazil) and that seems to baffle the learned minds:
  2. Vault is reporting from the event for start-ups Identifying & Retaining Talent, debating the point that the chance to be happy long term should be the decisive factor in the job hunt. In pursuit of gleeful work life, candidates should pay special attention to:
  • culture: Company-wide outings, parties, or well-used break rooms (gathering spots like a ping-pong table or beer fridge) are a good sign for camaraderie, and hopefully, happiness.
  • work style: Know who you would be happy to work with and to work for
  • feedback: Receiving necessary criticism can be the only antidote to fumbling and frustration on the job.
  • real life interests: Exploring your other interests may help you cast a wider—and more successful—net for a job in a field you'll love working in. Bonus: The passion you'll be bubbling over with at the interview will make a great impression.
  • know what you don't want: Know what's a deal breaker for you with management, feedback, or work styles, and trust your gut on it.
           Full article here: Putting Happiness First in Your Job Search

     3. Finally, a picture that I got from a colleague of mine. A picture that was shouting at me: the shortest route to happiness is the straight one. Which is always open for you.

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