Friday, October 21, 2011

The Job Description Poem

Today is my second day of Job Evaluation training. It's nice to be dealing with the Hay charts again, at least I  don't need to learn anything new, like Paterson - apparently, it's quite a nuisance. In the training pack I've discovered a poem about Job Description, and I just cannot help myself sharing it with you!

Bertie Ramsbottom

The Job Description

I trod, where fools alone may tread,
To speak what’s better left unsaid,
The day I asked my boss his view
On what I was supposed to do;
For, after two years in the task,
I thought it only right to ask,
In case I’d got it badly wrong,
Ad-hoc’ing as I went along.

He raised his desultory eyes,
And made no effort to disguise
That, what had caused my sudden whim,
Had equally occurred to him;
And thus did we embark upon
Our classic corporate contretemps,
To separate the fact from fiction,
Bedevilling my job description.

For first he asked me to construe
A list of things I really do;
While he – he promised – would prepare
A note of what he thought they were;
And, with the two, we’d take as well
The expert view from personnel,
And thus eliminate the doubt
On what my job was all about.

But when the boss and I conflated
The tasks we’d separately stated,
The evidence became abundant
That one of us must be redundant;
For what I stated I was doing
He claimed, himself, to be pursuing,
While my role, on his definition,
Was way outside my recognition.

He called in personnel to give
A somewhat more definitive
Reply, – but they, by way of answer,
Produced some vague extravaganza,
Depicting, in a web of charts,
Descriptive and prescriptive parts
Of tasks, the boss and I agree,
Can’t possibly refer to me.

So, hanging limply as I am,
In limbo on the diagram,
Suspended by a dotted line
From functions that I thought were mine,
I feel its maybe for the best
I made my innocent request;
And hopefully await their view
On which job of the three I do!


  1. Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  2. welcome to our job description world !!!!!!

  3. .nice poem..<3 it..



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