Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HR by Chance

I know that I entered the HR career by chance. After I had successfully passed the Shell Assessment Center, I was asked what I wanted to do (since I really could not do anything, for the Company it was a matter of indifference in which area to develop my potential) and my affection for Psychology and Education pointed me in the HR direction. I thought that I was more of an exception. This bit of information threw me into realization that I was the rule:
Almost half (45%) of HR practitioners entered the profession "by chance", according to early findings from XpertHR's 2011 research into HR careers.

  • more than four HR practitioners in five (81.6%) did not start out working in HR.
On a positive note,
  • more than two-thirds (68%) are "quite confident" that there will be good job prospects for HR professionals in the future.

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