Monday, October 3, 2011

First Day at Work: Anticipation

The Dickens' novel title is quite applicable for description of the period when you only start working for a new company - Great Expectations. You have signed your contract already but you have not done anything yet; you have lots of ideas and you are hopeful for challenging projects to manage but you have limited understanding of the resources and support that you are going to get. You have gathered the market intelligence about the corporate culture but you are not quite sure if all of that is true and if it is going to be your case. Ambivalence is the name of the feeling in the air with a heavy dose of excitement. You might be nostalgic about your old company too.

Today was my first day as well and I am facing all that emotional turmoil. I am not quite sure if the reality of my new job is going to live up to my expectations, and my hopes are high. So far all is well and my first teleconference with my new boss went well. Lots of really cool projects ahead - I'll be dealing with things that I really like: communications and training on a global scale; I already have so many ideas. Let's see how I am going to make them work.

I would like to thank all my friends for supporting me and their helpful advice. I am sharing just a few tips they gave me on how to survive the first month in a new job. My friends are awesome!

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  • Jorge Rc A chocolate cake with soy milk for the first day... :)
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  • Kristina Zhukovska Do what you would do in your first month of dating someone you really like ) No, I don´t mean buying flowers ;) Just be attentive, fun, nice - looking, listen and try to get to know each other better..
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  • Ingrid Petrie map out quickly who has the real power and who you need to influence...have a spreadsheet to help you with that, let me know and I'll send it to you if you want
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  • Anthony Hess Work is like prison. Find the toughest guy in the place and beat him up.
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And those of you who want to be all scientific and comprehensive, here is a nice Vault article that I like: Acing Your First Month On The Job


  1. Algunos te echaremos de menos, pero con lo que tú vales, pronto ascenderás a jefe. De los de verdad. Un saludo y suerte.

  2. Gracias, peluche :)
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