Thursday, September 23, 2010


Do you know that if you throw a frog into a bowl of boiling water, it will jump out of it (somehow frogs have such ability). However, if you put it in a bowl of cold water and start heating it up, the frog will boil alive.

Same with stress - we are unable to feel incremental adjustments of demands, workload, emotional tension, etc., so long before we know it, we are stressed. That is the main problem with it: the first symptoms are only recognizable way after you have passed the ZONE stage. The ZONE is the area of your peak performance in medium stress level. Correct, a healthy dose of stress is good, because it makes you stronger, faster and smarter, but excessive amounts of stress will make you disengage from the world and your brain will send you a message that you are in a threat.

Staying stressed for a short period of time is OK, like, for instance, during the exam week. You mobilize your internal resources and pull it off even if you have not studied at all throughout the term. Still, if the stress is perpetual (i.e. there is constant stress hormones secretion), it attacks the weakest part of your body and starts eroding you from there. High stress equals to direct physical pain. And it is not only about "them". How often do you convince yourself that it's other people who are prone to stress and that you can handle it? It is about everyone. Strongest people are more prone to stress because they take on more and more and do not want to show signs of weakness.

What is worse, stress has residual effects. It resides in personal, group and corporate memory. It has the ability to reinforce itself and self-generate without a direct stimulus.

Thus, you are an exploited human being if you allow such things to happen!!! well, those things make you feel important, but at the end of the day, you are stressed!

Why don't you take 2 minutes of your time and do a quick stress level test:

If you score high, do not freak out: there are many ways how you can manage your stress, and I will write about a couple of those fairly soon.

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