Monday, September 27, 2010

Art of Procrastination

Why do we like to procrastinate? The old maxim of "what can be done today should be put off until tomorrow" is as fresh nowadays as a nice bunch of asparagus at a farmer's market on an early Saturday morning.

The reasons may be numerous, and all of them relate to the intrinsic "lazy" component of the human nature. We know about procrastination that:

  • an activity will take all the time allocated to that activity -> make sure you set up earlier timelines to avoid last-minute fixes and unnecessary stress;
  • people over-rely on their abilities -> point out the impact of unpredicted circumstances and underestimated complexity of the task;
  • "inshallah" mentality is deeply ingrained in our consciousness (it will somehow happen) -> most difficult procrastination cause to battle... guess tightening the bolts and clearer accountability assignment with transparent consequence management measures will be best.
After all, much depends on the culture of the organization, and culture, as we know is a collective phenomenon of the mentality sets of its members. Everything begins with working on an individual basis and ultimately it ends there as well. Why isn't it as easy as a piece of machinery???

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