Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mobile Job Search

In a rather insightful article in The Washington Post you can learn how your job search can be facilitated with the help of modern technology, particularly the smartphone applications. It looks like those snazzy little intelligent machines are becoming a sine qua non of today's life. Scary... Adapt or die.

What are the must-have mobile apps for job seekers? Consider these, in addition to LinkedIn, Twitter and Craigslist:

-- iJob delivers "millions of jobs to your iPhone" and allows keyword searches.

-- BeamMe is a free universal business card exchange on your BlackBerry or iPhone.

-- LinkUp allows you to search company Web sites for jobs by keyword, location and category and apply from your iPhone.

-- Real-Time Jobs analyzes, indexes and makes searchable Twitter status updates so you can identify job openings.

-- Indeed.com lets you take the job search engine with you, including recent searches and jobs added since your last search.

-- TwitterFon keeps up to date with Twitter so you can send or reply to tweets.

-- Hire*A*Droid, a job-search app for Android users, supports LinkUp, Indeed and SimplyHired, allowing users to find job listings fast.

-- 148apps.com reviews iPhone apps in business, productivity and many other subjects.

-- Makeuseof.com offers Web sites, apps and tips for productivity.

-- CNET has a mobile download section with reviews, lists and news at download.cnet.com.

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