Thursday, June 24, 2010

Women: Know Your Limits!

It all started when my friend Jessica shared this video with me. I barely managed to scrape myself off the floor, wipe off the shed tears as I was laughing uncontrollably and brought myself to typing this post...

Apart from brilliant stinging dry sharp ingenious British humor, this video got me thinking. In the past two days I observed a number of situations when comments were made in a business school environment about females sort of "not making it". I intervened in one instance and tried to soften the edges, the other case was relayed to me post factum, but is there a trend? Or, which is more concerning, is there a prejudice? Still? In the edification of diversity and open-mindedness?

It is a fact, for instance, that in my MBA section there are 22% females against 78% males. How this facts relates to cognitive abilities of either sex is open for scrutiny.

I came across an article about the debate whether the US academic institutions should go back to same-sex classes:
With male academic achievement declining by almost every measure, and their scores possibly dragging down national averages, administrators [in the American education system] are taking a fresh look at same-sex classrooms and the concept that boys and girls might do better when they’re apart. 

Take that! Conservatives should take a vacation and go to Fiji (and rather stay there!). But no - on and on and on - the struggle is ongoing. It is some sort of a vicious society and women always get the bad end of the stick. Barack Obama is criticized for not being masculine enough as if it were a vice or a crime. So being "soft" on an issue of a global importance is characteristic of women. Well, Mrs Thatcher can prove you all wrong. Obama once mentioned that whenever he talks about safety, his masculinity is questioned. Macho much? What else does BP need to do to prove that safety is key in any type of operations?

So whoever you are - know YOUR limits. You never know which one of us is more limited...


  1. I like your articles, especially this one :)

  2. Thank you so much. Will try to be more prolific :)



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