Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Change in Action

I am so excited about the upcoming Change in Action week in my MBA program at IE Business Scool. Not only because it will mark the end of my first term (and it means that the exams will be over) but also because it will be a welcome break from the regular classes into issues, which are not normally taught as part of an MBA curriculum:
Between the first and second core periods of the MBA curriculum, students explore – through a series of presentations from outside experts, online simulation, interactive workshops, group work and on‐site company visits – the challenges and opportunities of discontinuous change. Topics will vary each year to include climate change, demographic change, nanotechnology, or the rise of user‐generated media. Exercises will strengthen participants’ ability to gauge the impact of change and to identify new opportunities offered by change. The topic for 2010 is the Future Beyond Oil: Thinking Outside of the Barrel to Ensure Sustainability, as explored through the triple prism of economic change, climate change and geopolitical change.
This will be second change module in my MBA education. The first (LAUNCH) took place during the first two weeks of the program and it focused on personal change. Change in Action externalized the issues and we will be working with issues on a global level. I have taken a peek at the speakers and activities - wow! I am so there!

It came out a bit promotional, but sorry can't help it. When I am thrilled, I do not really care. For the same reason I like wearing Gucci :)

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