Friday, June 4, 2010

how creative are we?

What is the source of creativity? Are you born with a talent to make things others cannot even conceive of? Can this skill be developed? There are many training offerings on the market - Creativity Management, Mastering Your Creative Skills, etc - but how effective are they? For some reason, there is still only one Da Vinci and Kahlo in history.

However, if you take two objects (ideas, whatever) and put them together, that is already functionally and conceptually a new thing. You have created it. Does it make you creative? When you cross-breed Mr Bean and Avatar, the result can be actually beneficial for both...
I am sure there was someone who thought of the idea and someone who has brought it to life. So creative functions do not need to be present necessarily only in one person. It can be two. Or a group. Or a country. We speak about creative nations. Russia is one of them. Which other nation will think of cooking soup in a hotel sink with nothing but a length of an electric cord and a razor blade?

Glow: How You Can Radiate Energy, Innovation, and SuccessLynda Gratton claims that innovation comes through combination. The more you are trying to break out of the limits of the conventional, the easier it becomes to innovate. Boundary-spanners go to the top! Networks connect millions! Question of the next decade will be: How Do We Develop Fluid Identity?

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