Monday, September 26, 2011

MBA Hiring Soars

The 2011-2012 QS Jobs and Salary Trends Report is now live. 

Over 12,000 companies in 42 countries responded to the international survey of recruiters in the Spring, of which 2157 are actively recruiting MBAs.  The report shows an overall 36% increase in demand for MBAs in 2011 compared to 2010. This represents a turnaround in MBA job opportunities from the 5% decline experienced only two years ago in 2009.

Why should you read the report?
What industries are recruiting most heavily?
What part of the world is experiencing the most growth in MBA salaries?
What companies have been hiring the most MBA’s?

Key findings
  • 57% surge in MBA hiring in Latin America - multinational companies planning for future growth by stocking up with talent, especially in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.
  • Asian employers report a 43% increase this year in MBA jobs followed by a further 19% and then 33% increase in subsequent years - a doubling of MBA opportunities forecast by 2013.
  • North America and Western Europe MBA demand increased by 24% and 21% respectively.
  • A 21% increase in MBA hiring in 2011 in the Middle East and Africa was lead by energy companies.
  • CONSULTING:  MBA consulting jobs are back at record levels in 2011, with a 28% jump in demand in 2011 and a 17% jump in demand is forecast in 2012.
  • FINANCE:  Jobs in finance are creeping up following decreases in previous years. In 2011, there is a 27% increase and a further rise of 14% forecasted for 2012.
  • IT:  Demand for MBAs in Technology and IT on the rise with over 30% growth in MBA jobs.
  • PHARMACEUTICALS:  MBA jobs in pharmaceuticals and healthcare declined in 2010 but are recovering in 2011 with growth of 20% followed by a 26% growth forecast in 2012.

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