Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Year: Exercise in Loneliness

The movie I saw yesterday cannot be called light. Depressing neither. Yet, it does throw you into into a lapse of deep thinking about the existential pain we go through, death, devotion and the cyclical nature of life.

Gerri (Ruth Sheen) is a counselor at a hospital. Daily she lets through her heart and mind the pain of her patients. After work she takes care of her family and her drinking degrading co-worker Mary (spectacular Lesley Manville). We see how those relationships develop over four different seasons. It is a film about the autumn of our lives, but also about many springs of our relationships. What Another Year lacks in action, it overcompensates in emotional intensity and the subtlety of nuances. The movie has won numerous awards (not to mention an Oscar nomination), but I have to warn you that it's closer to the art house than the blockbuster type.


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