Thursday, September 29, 2011

Increase Social Media Visibility to Get a Job

Some researchers claim that 95% of people engage in soft job search techniques at least once a year. "Soft search" means updating your resume, browsing LinkedIn or Glassdoor, as opposed to "hard search", which involves active contacting of recruiters and going to interviews. In either case, you would want to be visible of the labor market, unless you deal in things that criminal or tax authorities would be keen to investigate.

For the last couple of years we grew accustomed to three accounts that were organizing the communication streams of our lives:

  • Facebook - to make sure that our friends tag us in most unseemly postures and situations;
  • LinkedIn - to maintain contacts in the work space, and
  • Twitter - to link the two together and KISS (Keeping It Short and Simple).
Recently the humanity has acquired Google+ as well, but so far I do not see a lot of activity there, but definitely there is lots of potential there, given that the search capabilities are much greater than those of the competitors.

A lot of my friends have accounts in all of those social networks but rarely use them. This is most unfortunate, because search algorithms love recent activity, links and powerful search phrases. Hence, the least you can do to stay afloat and visible in the job market is to follow these simple recommendations on various social engines:

And here are a couple of articles specifically about job hunting through social media:

Good luck!

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