Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Managing Yourself: HBR on Breeding Engagement

The featured article in September's Harvard Business Review is about managing yourself. Empowered team = improved performance, hence personal greatness is key to engaged team around you. HBR claims one can reach that in 6 steps:
  1.  Be modest
  2. Listen Seriously and Show It
  3. Invite Disagreement
  4. Focus the Agenda
  5. Don't Try To Have All the Answers
  6. Don't Insist That A Decision Must Be Made

While it feels just like another "10 easy steps and you'll have a flat stomach" silver-bullet management mantra, I always appreciate the personal stories and real-life examples shared  by the authors. What always frustrates me about these "how-to" life lessons is that it is common sense, logical and understandable, and tantalizingly difficult to implement :(

Read the full story here:


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