Monday, January 24, 2011

Why are CEOs distrustful of social networks?

I´ve noticed that recently quite a large number of my social contacts have drastically reduced their virtual presence in Facebook. Some have declared of that publically, posting an update such as:

Going on a FB diet. You are welcome to contact me on my mobile phone.
Dear friends, I am taking a break from facebook for a while, in the meantime stay well.

... while others merely disappered quetly like a trace of fire smoke in an autumn sky.

Does it have to deal with the Social Network, the movie? Or the increased number of cases when people have really suffered because of their online activity, particularly with regards to their employment and relationships with colleagues and superiors. I recall a blog conversation of a lady who was complaining of the comments her boss was posting on Twitter!

At the same time, there is evidence that people are less willing to be active on social networks are they grow through the ranks. The CEOs of top U.S. companies tend to avoid social media, according to a study by

The study found that most of the 2009 Fortune top-100 CEOs were markedly absent from the social media community, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Wikipedia. The study specifically revealed that:

* Only two CEOs had Facebook accounts, and 81% lacked a personal Facebook.
* Only 13 CEOs had profiles on the professional networking site Linkedln.
* Three-quarters of the CEOs have a Wikipedia entry, but nearly a third of those had limited or outdated information.
* Not one Fortune 100 CEO had a blog.

Small wonder that nowadays most Twitter or Facebook accounts for senior managers are being handled by their assistants. Social networks are becoming less personal and more "social" (or should I say "promotional"?) the more senior someone is.

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