Monday, January 17, 2011

Have you ever been fired with an e-mail?

It's now common knowledge that Facebook users like to end (begin) their relationships online with changing their status to single (in a relationship/it's complicated/married). If you don't do anything on a social network nowadays, it sort of does not exit. 40% of Facebook users update their status to show to their loved/hated ones that they have plans and 25% found out that they are no longer in a relationship through this appropriate invention of Mr Zuckerberg. Obsession with the modern ways of relaying bad news brought about a host of online resources, intending to help people break up with objects of their affection by means other than the old good face-to-face scandal. Check out this one: e-mail, SMS, even YouTube and many other manners to communicate the inevitable:

A word of caution: these tricks work both ways...

Now back to work. I have seen many examples when the outcomes of performance appraisal or succession planning decisions have been communicated to the employees via phone (acceptable), e-mail (raising eyebrows) and even an SMS (funny and then sad).

The question of the month: has anyone been let go by an electronic message or a text? 

Comments are welcome and the author of the best horror story will get the prize of public appreciation... Thanks!

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