Thursday, January 27, 2011

What blogs do you follow?

I reread the Where Is Your Blog? article by our IT guru José Esteves, and got amazed of how much there is now out there created by people who write and don´t even expect that what they write will be read by anyone. Yet, there is a special category of people who blog for a reason - executives. I am borrowing José´s list of top executive blogs

Bob Lutz, General Motors
While Lutz is trying to promote GM’s product development in its best light, there’s room for discussion and debate. For example, one post in August 2008 generated more than 100 responses.

Chris Mercer
For a blog that focuses on money matters, this does an excellent job of communicating ideas. Mercer is also excellent at recommending books of note.

Jeff Pulver
Pulver is someone whose business deals with Internet communications. He excels at the use of photos and videos.

Steve Goldstein, Alacra
Goldstein’s company “provides a variety of information services to financial institutions and professional service firms”. His blog is loaded with information, but it is displayed in an easy-to-read fashion.

Peter Caputa, Whizpark
This is a good example of a blog that has no frills, just basic communication about the ideas shaping the IT profession. My Top 10 Business Executive Blogs

Ross Mayfield, Socialtext
A great example of a different approach to discussing IT issues. Mayfield lays out a compelling page that is hard not to read because of its typographical power.

Tim Dyson, Next Fifteen
Dyson leads a company that connects 800 marketing and PR consultants worldwide. In regular postings, he muses on current issues in short strokes that invite a strong following.

Craig Newmark, Craigslist
Newmark is the founder of Craigslist. He uses this blog to speak as much as a world citizen as business pioneer. He really isn’t afraid to be personal, such as offering his view of television personalities. Warm and funny, this makes Newmark seem as human as can be.

Karen Christensen, Berkshire Publishing
Christensen’s interests range from her home base of Massachusetts to business activities she sponsors in China. The website keeps track of her across the globe.

Brian Carroll, intouch
Carroll is in the sales field; and, if you can’t sell yourself first, what can you sell? A site that tells you what he is doing and thinking – and where he is going.

What can be added to this? Only a comment that there are not many executives talking about people issues. HR Blogs are numerous, but is there the one? Maybe it´s time to make an effort :)

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