Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Thank You Economy

A fresh (relatively - 2011) read on the importance of relationships and taking care of your customer. The authors explore various ways of connecting to those who buy your products and services, placing a specific emphasis on the role of various social media.

The key take-aways from The Thank You Economy summarized by Get Abstract:

  • Your great-grandparents grew up in a world where good customer relationships mattered.
  • But corporations’ restless pursuit of profits has led to the elimination of all unnecessary niceties in order to cut costs.
  • Social media have returned power to the customer, making firms more mannerly and creating the “Thank You Economy,” which cares “obsessively” about customers.
  • The “culture of caring” must start at the top and reverberate through the organization.
  • If you want your culture of caring to reach the customer, your employees must share your philosophy. Care more about them than about your clients or your competition.
  • Interactions with your customers must be heartfelt, visceral and authentic.
  • If your forays into social media haven’t worked, you’re probably doing it wrong.
  • Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to social media initiatives. “Use shock and awe to blow your customers’ minds and get them talking.”
  • Despite – and due to – technological advances, marketing is more difficult now than ever.
  • Social media likely will change in the future as new technologies give rise to new ideas and platforms, but the vibrant, vocal online community is here to stay.

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