Sunday, January 29, 2012

On Strategy and Mice

The mice grew fed up with their powerlessness and the fact that they always fell prey to those who are stronger. They decided to go to the Old Wise Owl for advice. The Owl contemplated them for an instance and pronounced his decision:
- Hedgehogs have needles to protect them from predators. You must become hedgehogs.
The mice were ecstatic with joy and went home happy that soon their misery would be over. Passing the rye field they stopped all of a sudden having realized that they had absolutely no idea how to become hedgehogs. So they turned on their heels (or whatever it is that the mice typically would turn on) and went back to the Old Wise Owl. The Owl was not happy to be bothered again as it disturbed him from an extremely critical task of sitting high perched up in a tree and looking terribly important. The mice squeaked in perfect unison:
- Dear Owl. You are omnisapient and awfully clever, please, do tell us how we should become hedgehogs.
The Owl looked down at them in disbelief:
- How should I know? It's pure tactics, and I am all about strategy.

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