Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blogging highlights

I have been diligently blogging for a year now. It takes time and effort. It takes discipline. And it takes stubbornness. Even if nobody is reading your posts, you need to keep writing. In any case, giving up in the middle of the way has never been my characteristic.
Below are 10 all-time popular posts from my blog, so people read my blog to find useful information, e.g. how to pass an assessment or how to advance their job search. Readers are not too keen to comment on posts either. There are two possible explanations - (1) the posts are not that intellectually challenging and I want to think that it is not true or (2) it's too tiresome and there is no perceived benefits in posting a comment. Actually, I get many more comments via Facebook than on Blogger, hence... the comment form is too unwieldy to use. Shame...

In any case, I am not planning to stop, so you can expect many more like that to come:

Posts2010 May – 2011 April
Aug 19, 2010, 7 comments
505 Pageviews
Oct 30, 2010
320 Pageviews
Feb 26, 2011
210 Pageviews
Mar 29, 2011
191 Pageviews
Feb 14, 2011
183 Pageviews
Jan 28, 2011
183 Pageviews
Mar 29, 2011
161 Pageviews
Jan 31, 2011
145 Pageviews
Feb 11, 2011
145 Pageviews
Apr 26, 2011
142 Pageviews

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