Friday, February 11, 2011


The timing could not be more perfect! 3 months before my graduation and the good news is just streaming in. A couple of weeks ago Financial Times again ranked IE Business School MBA Top 10 in the world:

Now there is more. Apparently, winning the World Cup last year was not enough for Spaniards. Apart from specific business school, the country itself transforms into a concentrated business knowledge thesaurus...

Spain was ranked 3rd most popular location for global MBA students in a recent Geographic Trends Report published by GMAC, the body who administers and owns the GMAT exam.
3. Spain
The presence of top-rated schools such as ESADE, IESE and IE Business School have catapulted Spain to the third most popular European destination among aspiring management graduates. 
From the Economist to Businessweek to Financial Times, all published rankings of international MBA programs place Spanish schools among the top. The full time MBA in most of these institutions span 18 months on average with the exception of IE Business School where the average program duration is 13 months. The top schools have a very diverse international, student body with an average experience of around 5 years.

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