Monday, August 9, 2010

Timing the future

I have accidentally bumped into this video on time orientation and behind the easy and entertaining way of narration, there are actually some seriously concerning messages that are being conveyed to us. Besides the never-ending initiative to divide Italy into two parts (would be actually fun), my interest mainly lies in the generational changes, which many fail to account for. It is a fact that the educational and social systems are not keeping up with the speed of change. As a result, the kids who go to school nowadays feel at a loss since their brains are not wired in the same way as ours. Our brains were shaped a while ago, when virtual reality and interactive computer technologies were something from the realm of science fiction. Integration of new ways of absorbing information and traditional educational curricula is necessary. We are not ready for it as a society. Taking a narrower approach, how do we tailor standard corporate training programs to the changing needs of the new generations becoming active in the labor market. Do we create separate classrooms? Who needs to adapt? I don't think that it's the "adapt or die" dilemma here, but it's more of a "snooze and lose" type of a problem.

This is a fascinating video, and I am sure you will enjoy it:

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