Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's a tough, tough, tough female world

It might sound incredulous but if you google "female violence", you will get about 7.7 million entries. This is nearly a million more than the same search for "male violence". Mitch Abrams, PsyD, a clinical assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at UMDNJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School claims that violence is not a male-owned behavior. Claiming that it is linked to testosterone would now constitute a fallacy, since there is much research now available proving that violence is a society-induced function, and it seems that females can be no less violent and ruthless as their male counterparts. Here are some figures:
The famous case of a female athlete demonstrating extreme acts of violence on the sport ground are captured in the following video:

The Psychology of Female Violence: Crimes Against the BodySo far the most extensive research is summarized in the book called The Psychology of Female Violence. It provides interesting insights on the issue of female violence in relation to psychological, social and political agendas. Often you find deep historical roots to the problems, but the real issue is what to do with those who are prone to violence? Such tendencies are easily picked up by special psychometric tests, and if I were recruiting for a position requiring extensive interpersonal contact, I would definitely screen applicants through a battery of tests and will reject those who score high on scales of risk propensity or indicate unstable psychological background. What can society offer those in order to reintegrate?

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