Sunday, November 13, 2011

Has Spanish Youth Lost Faith in Its Country?

If we believe to this BBC article (, Spanish youngsters who are getting higher education, do not plan on using it in Spain. Either for the lack of opportunities or for the given-up hope in the society and the government, the young people, who are the future labor force of the country, are looking elsewhere but not on the Iberian peninsula.

Hence, we should not really be surprised by the appearance of web pages like this one: Juventud SIN Futuro (sp.: Youth WITHOUT Future).

There no other future but the one that we create together. I think it's a quote from the Terminator, but I might be mistaken. Flight and Denial are the easiest and most destructive ways to deal with change. Change is inevitable and it was coming. What Spain really needs now is a charismatic leader who would be able to reach the hearts and minds of the young Spanish people, but, to tell you the truth, there is none currently on the public political arena. Pity.

If you look at the bigger picture, though, Spain is not alone, and maybe it is not worth off. Here is a selection of Wall Street Journal articles on Generation Jobless, as they have been baptized in the US:

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