Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview Places: Always Ready

Recently I have run a small bit of research on interview situations some people have found themselves in. The results came in as expected - varied - still some of them are hard to believe. Take a look for yourself:

Having a job interview over coffee seems to be a regular practice. What is the MOST UNUSUAL place that you've even had a job interview in?
  • hotel room
  • petroleum depot
  • trattoria
  • in a park because the fire alarm went off in middle of my interview at the hotel
  • in the Presidential Suite in the GrandWest Hotel in Cape Town
  • aeroport
  • at a theatre

 Without being too philosophical about the topic, the moral is,I hope, clear: you need to be prepared all the time for whatever outcome and never miss an opportunity to have an interview right then and right there. Hence:
  • make sure you always have a copy of your CV with you, either in hard copy or on your smart phone/iPad/laptop;
  • have an ample supply of business cards (consider placing a QR code linked to your uploaded CV on it);
  • unless it is absolutely impossible, do not try to postpone the interview (later... in your office... etc...). Demonstrate your flexibility and ability to deal with unpredictable situations!
Thank you all those who have replied to my survey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. Just got a new one, "chained up and hanging over the Singapore river"



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