Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interviewer is a Stressful Job

Many people think that being an interviewer is like having a vacation every now and then retiring to the meeting room with new and interesting people and chatting about their lives, likes and personal interests. No, it is like going into a battle and you never know your enemy, who are becoming more ferocious and unpredictable in their underhanded ways of sneaking into the company you are trying to protect so ardently.

Unfortunately, technology is not on your side, so nowadays you can be recorded, videofilmed, encoded, decoded, digitally modified and uploaded in no time, so a recruiter constantly needs to be on his toes (or her toes if it happens to be a lady).

Below is a short but funny compilation of the perils that recruiters are exposed to on a daily basis without really getting any credit or pay raises for the dangers of their noble trade.

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