Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coffee Inspiration

If you start going to Starbucks on a regular basis, sooner or later you'll catch it. Even if you are not a coffee-lover. So this post is my dedication to coffee. As any theater begins with a cloakroom, any working day at any office begins with this envigorating and strong-flavored drink. When you want to discuss a business issue with a colleague, you'll invite them out for coffee. After a minor disagreement, you'll go together to the kitchen to brew a new pot. Coffee gives news ideas and mends relationships.

And oh so often you will buy your fellow-workers coffee - can you think of a better way to say, "I am glad that we are working together"? But what is the right kind of coffee to buy, now that there are so many? Below is my personal mini guide, not complete and surely not mutually exclusive. Don't take it too seriously, and feel free to add your favorite coffee creations in the comments field.

Same amount of coffee as for an espresso but half the amount of water. When you really need a kick! I would not risk offering it to anyone - just for my own guilty pleasure.

Classics! Do I need to say more?

Opposite of ristretto: same amount of coffee as for an espresso but double the amount of water. Good for after lunch with a bit of bitter chocolate.

Caffè Americano
For me this type has the least character and it is perfect when you can't decide what you really want - sweet or savory, date or dump. Ironically, it was not invented in the States but in Europe, so I believe this beverage is slightly confused itself. Yet, if you don't know a person from Adam, an americano would be the safest choice.

Caffè Latte 
A shot of espresso with foamed milk. Good for enjoyable morning, fatal at dinners unless you are 8 or u add a shot of Baileys in, which will make it feel somewhat like an Irish coffee, which is a totally different story.

Undeservingly popular. You cannot taste coffee at all, particularly if the foam is generously peppered with cinnamon or cocoa. Popular with those who like to pretend that they like coffee but in fact cannot stand the taste of it. Those may also ask for a bit of caramel in it - just in case the coffee is good and strong.

Caffè Mocha
Chocolate delight. Coffee and chocolate are made for each other, just like jell-o shots and hangover.

Caramel Macchiato
A macciato is an espresso "tainted" with a dollop of milk. It is inconceivable why someone would like to spoil it with caramel, but for my take on that crowd read my comments on cappuccino.

Brewed Coffee
Excellent for good world-renowned blends like Blue Mointain (Jamaica), Alto Grande (Puerto Rico) or Kona (Hawaii), for example. The fact that hot water and not steam is used helps the coffee flavor develop fully for your sinful enjoyment. Whether you are using an ibrik (cezve), regular coffee maker or a french press (plunger or a bodum as it is fashionable to call it now), you can always expect that the coffee will be true to you. Coffee cannot lie: it's it's good, it's good; if it's bad, dump it down the drain. That's why I don't like milk or sugar in mine - I want to know the truth about my coffee and I won't use any taste concealers or sweeteners that would disguise it.

Besides, your favorite coffee drink can say a lot about you as a person. So if you have a business meeting or a job interview, be careful what you are ordering not to reveal too much or to reveal exactly what you want to display if it scores you points.

A quick poll on Twitter and Facebook yesterday yielded some unexpected results - what do you make out of these choices:
  • a decaf skinny latte
  • flat white, skinny capp with extra shot - to go
  • depending on the mood: if positive, expresso + little sugar; if negative frapuccino with cream
  • amaretto- flavoured cappuccino 
I am sure that if I give you brief psychological portraits of these wonderful individuals, you won't think twice figuring out who's hooked up on which coffee delight. And now I know that if I ever need something from them, I know exactly how to start the conversation - with a cup of their favorite!


  1. Se cambia mas fácilmente de religión que de café. Georges Courteline

  2. ¡Exactamente! ¿Cuál es tu preferido?

  3. Fuerte, negro, muy "cargado", sin azúcar y !por supuesto! solo.

    Justo lo contrario de "eso" que llaman café americano.

  4. Ay, igualmente como lo quiero yo :)



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