Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Morning Glory

Morning Glory
The mother of the protagonist in The Morning Glory says,

At 28 having a dream is officially embarrassing. You need to stop until it's heart-breaking.

Crude as it may sound but that is exactly the message that the society is sending to us. This movie (no matter how flaky and Hollywood it might be) deals with two important topics related to motivation: dream jobs and spillovers.
The character of Harrison Ford has had it all. He's reported from a burning jeep in Kosovo, interviewed Mother Teresa and Dick Cheney, and generations of American grew up watching his broadcasts. Television has been his life and emptiness was what followed once he had been let go. His work spilled over into his personal life to such an extent that it nudged out everything else that was there - interests, friends, family... He grew into an old grumpy bitter ghost of a someone who used to be famous.

A young hardworking executive producer (played by Rachel McAdams) has the same spillover issues but she is on the uphill road and genuinely believes in what she is doing. She is passionate, committed and cutely naive. The drama starts unfolding when the two collide in the makings of a morning show, and neither will budge. Luckily for both (it's a Hollywood story after all - a happy ending is guaranteed), he finds meaning in his new job and she learns some important lessons:

  • get a boyfriend (a cute one)
  • keep your blackberry in the fridge (not Vitamin C type)
  • do not tolerate non-professionalism (fire the bastards!)
  • know the difference between the sexy job and the dream job
If you have not seen the movie yet, check out the trailer and maybe it will whet your appetite:

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