Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 Minutes: Call Center Reality

I am urging you to watch this short movie, it's just 15 minutes and it gets one message across: the way we communicate is changing.

The crude reality of call centers is that an operator is often taken away all latitude of decision-making or a personal impact whatsoever. Strict manuals and procedures truly convert people working there into answering machines (if you are lucky to get one after minutes of listening to options and some cheesy pseudoclassical music).

Have you noticed in the movie that actual communication starts when Nuria keeps silent? Is that the new frontier? At the same time what would be better: lose her job because she violates the prescribed procedures? Talk to the boss and get reprimanded for not dealing with it herself?

One of the aspects I have noticed about call centers is that the atmosphere there is permeated with the feeling of fear. Fear hampers productivity and creativity of the employees. Disempowerement corrupts.

Still, where do we find the balance between the efficiency and personal connection?

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