Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What sort of degree is an MBA?

I get a strong impression that an MBA is an "oh, crap!!!" type of an academic qualification, meaning that the demand for MBA programs rises drastically in the periods of economic downturns, credit crises and similar societal calamities that leave lots of young (?), promising (?) and bright (?) professionals (?) out of job, who flock towards the admission offices of the MBA schools:
The QS MBA employer survey in 2010/11 reveals a surge in employer demand for MBAs in emerging markets (a 32% increase in MBA demand is reported in Asia-Pacific in 2010), combined with a gradual recovery in demand in both Europe (MBA demand up 3%) and North America (MBA demand up 9%). This follows a period of hiring cutbacks during the credit crunch. (Source: TopMBA)
Now: if that talent (nearly "corporate property", often referred to as "blue blood", "walking on water" or "Mighty But Arrogant") is so valuable, why do they find themselves on the other side of the door? Since when do those high-flyers belong to the "at-risk" category?

Tongue-in-cheek, but I can say that spending one or two years at the student desk and learning the one big lesson of "it depends" and demanding a twofold salary increase is slightly overdoing it, no? What is the magic trick of the degree? Am I a bad MBA student?

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