Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ambassador'ing the Employer Brand

Do you teach your employees how to handle visitors? Most likely, you would be focusing on security issues, like not letting them in without a valid pass, or insisting on accompanying them wherever they go, and so on. However, (just like the theater begins with a cloakroom) you company begins with the first encounter. Trust me, it does now matter, whether the first person a visitor will meet is a janitor of a vice president --- the first impression is always the most lasting.

It is particularly important now, when the war for talent is becoming more and more rampant. When I worked for Shell in Moscow, we used to have an HR Marketing Analyst, who was responsible for promoting HR as a function internally withing the company and the Shell brand as an employer outside. Now this gives a totally new perspective not only to the human resources management profession, but also sends out a distinct message how much the company is concerned about its employees and the image it projects into the wider community.

The following video is a good illustration of the concept that EVERYONE is an ambassador of a brand one way or another. How do we embrace this idea and how we act upon it might be the ultimate competitive advantage.

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